Blogs, website content and search engine optimisation (SEO) all play a vital role in any business and its website. Creatively Written will ensure that all three are put into good practice in order to maximise potential.

Blogs are the perfect platform to create exciting and engaging content for your client. Recognised as a successful marketing and engagement tool to drive traffic to your website, Creatively Written will ensure that your blog subjects are relevant and on topic. Creatively Written will also post working links with relevant and suitable visuals of your blog articles to your social sites as this is key in giving your followers a reason to click through to your website.

The importance of SEO is to allow search engines to figure out exactly what it is that your web page is all about and how useful it will be to the end user. At the same time the content needs to be captivating and engaging for the reader to keep them interested in the service or product that your business is offering.

All three aspects play into Creatively Written’s strengths and are elements that will help us to provide great written content for your website and furthermore to drive your business forward.